Thursday, 20 May 2010

BBC 1EXTRA, Studio news

Hey guys,

Soooo.... we've had a really exciting week this week.

First, we've found out that we're being played in DJ Target's (of ROLL DEEP fame) '100% Homegrown' show on BBC 1Extra this Sunday! The show is on between 7pm-10pm and we should feature somewhere in the middle.

We'll also feature on the 100% Homegrown Podcast which I'll post a link to when it appears. BBC 1Extra is available on the Internet here and through DAB. TVs with freeview or sky etc. can also get the channel.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when you hear our track (which will be 'RAINBOW SHADES') email in at:

and say how much you enjoyed listening to it!! :) Or text the show (I'll post the number when it's announced).

----------STUDIO NEWS------------

We've finished recording all the audio tracks so now we begin the long process of editing and mixing. Everything is sounding absolutely amazing and we're super excited about you guys hearing it in due course.

(We will be starting to play this stuff live soon so keep your ears open at shows and you might just hear something ***BRAND NEW*** )


Keeping it short and sweet today, I will post more information soon about Sunday and give an updated gig list.

If you haven't already check out our new website at

One Love,


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