Monday, 24 May 2010

BBC iPlayer, FREE BBC Podcast, Week 23 of 24, Studio Update


So we mentioned before that DJ Target was going to play our track 'Rainbow Shades' on his 100% Homegrown show on BBC 1EXTRA. Well, he did and here's the link to the iPlayer - listen HERE (we're about 1hr48min into the show)

Or..... you can download the BBC podcast that we're featured on - download it for FREE HERE

------------WEEK 23 OF 24----------------

Our boy Flash is nearing the end of his amazing 24 series, check episode 23 here:

If you like this, make sure you check the other episodes - some crazy good stuff!

---------STUDIO UPDATE----------------

We've got the first (very) rough mixes back and, I must say, they stand head and shoulders above anything we've done previously - and they're not even mixed yet! Super-hyped about going back into the lab and sorting out all the nitty gritty!!! Yerr :)


We're currently in the process of confirming some more summer shows so we'll give you an updated gig list later this week!

MAD Love,


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