Friday, 28 May 2010

Summer Shows (LIVE Dates) and BBC plays


So, as promised, here is our current (confirmed) summer schedule:

---------LIVE SHOWS-----------

4 Jun 2010,The Goldon Lion, Bristol, UK
19 Jun 2010,Luddfest, Luddenden, UK
20 Jun 2010, Leamington Peace Festival, Leamington Spa, UK
1 Jul 2010, Mass, Brixton, London, UK
3 Jul 2010, Bradstock, Ripponden, UK
9 Jul 2010, Workhouse Private Party, Powys, Wales, UK
26 Jul 2010, Manchester Jazz Festival (11.45am), Manchester, UK
13 Aug 2010, Moor Music Festival,Skipton, UK
14 Aug 2010, Crash Festival, Abermule , Wales, UK
28 Aug 2010, Limetree Festival, Grewelthorpe, N Yorkshire, UK
29 Aug 2010, Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, Racecourse, UK
25 Sep 2010, The Elbow Rooms, Leeds, UK
29 Sep 2010, Doncaster Civic Hall, Doncaster, UK
30 Oct 2010, Marsden Mechanics, Marsden, Huddersfield, GB

If we're playing near you please come and show love, it means the world to us to see you at shows - make sure you come and say hi!!

We're always adding new shows so for the most up to date gigs check OR

---------BBC PLAYS--------------

We've had the massive honour of being played on not one, but TWO BBC radio shows this week!!

Last night Alan Raw played 'Rain' on his West Yorkshire Raw Talent show (and he played the whole song, big look!) 

Listen again here:
We're 1hr08mins into the show :)

Also, as mentioned before, we got played on DJ Target's 100% Homegrown show on on BBC Radio 1Extra
You can listen again here: (we're 1hr48min in)
Or download the podcast here: 


Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

One Love,


Monday, 24 May 2010

BBC iPlayer, FREE BBC Podcast, Week 23 of 24, Studio Update


So we mentioned before that DJ Target was going to play our track 'Rainbow Shades' on his 100% Homegrown show on BBC 1EXTRA. Well, he did and here's the link to the iPlayer - listen HERE (we're about 1hr48min into the show)

Or..... you can download the BBC podcast that we're featured on - download it for FREE HERE

------------WEEK 23 OF 24----------------

Our boy Flash is nearing the end of his amazing 24 series, check episode 23 here:

If you like this, make sure you check the other episodes - some crazy good stuff!

---------STUDIO UPDATE----------------

We've got the first (very) rough mixes back and, I must say, they stand head and shoulders above anything we've done previously - and they're not even mixed yet! Super-hyped about going back into the lab and sorting out all the nitty gritty!!! Yerr :)


We're currently in the process of confirming some more summer shows so we'll give you an updated gig list later this week!

MAD Love,


Thursday, 20 May 2010

BBC 1EXTRA, Studio news

Hey guys,

Soooo.... we've had a really exciting week this week.

First, we've found out that we're being played in DJ Target's (of ROLL DEEP fame) '100% Homegrown' show on BBC 1Extra this Sunday! The show is on between 7pm-10pm and we should feature somewhere in the middle.

We'll also feature on the 100% Homegrown Podcast which I'll post a link to when it appears. BBC 1Extra is available on the Internet here and through DAB. TVs with freeview or sky etc. can also get the channel.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when you hear our track (which will be 'RAINBOW SHADES') email in at:

and say how much you enjoyed listening to it!! :) Or text the show (I'll post the number when it's announced).

----------STUDIO NEWS------------

We've finished recording all the audio tracks so now we begin the long process of editing and mixing. Everything is sounding absolutely amazing and we're super excited about you guys hearing it in due course.

(We will be starting to play this stuff live soon so keep your ears open at shows and you might just hear something ***BRAND NEW*** )


Keeping it short and sweet today, I will post more information soon about Sunday and give an updated gig list.

If you haven't already check out our new website at

One Love,


Monday, 17 May 2010

NEW WEBSITE, Week 22 of 24, FREE mix

Yes y'all

First of all something that we think is WAAAY COOL ;) Extra Curricular have got a shiny new website and we think it's AMAZING. You can check it out HERE or click on the buttons at the top of this blog. There's lots of goodies to discover on the site and we will be adding more little things for you to find as time goes by (watch out for some FREE music coming soon!) Big shoutout going to Zoe Christina for this - she's worked really hard putting it together and we are really grateful for her time and support.

----------------WEEK 22 OF 24-----------------

Flash is back with yet another dope verse and, this time, it's over a personal favourite of his; Masta Ace - Beautiful

------------FREE MIX---------------

We posted a mix by our good friend Ollie Maude and he's back again with another great mix! Perfect for any BBQ action going off this week!

Chill Your Beats Vol1 by Oliver Maude


That's it for now, the next show is our first outdoor festival of the year at Luddfest on 19th June - we're hoping for the same lovely weather and great vibe we had last year!

As ever check the Myspace or our NEW WEBSITE for the most up to date gig listings and hopefully see you at a show soon!

Oh and if you want some EC on your MP3 or CD come check our bandcamp account!

<a href="">Here We Go by Extra Curricular</a>



Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Throwout Volume 4 (FREE MIX), Week 21 of 24, Studio Update, LIVE show update

Hey guys,

Couple of little gems to start you off - first up, our man on the ones and two's DJ Illas and his comrade DJ Heritage have pulled something special out of the bag for The Throwout Volume 4. This is a FREE mix featuring 24 amazing new and classic tracks that you can get from here:

<a href="">EL DA SENSEI ft GHETTOSOCKS - Ain't Trippin (prod The Returners) by The Throwout (DJ Illas &amp; DJ Heritage)</a>

P.S - check the shout-out at the start HAHAHA

---------------WEEK 21 OF 24--------------

Jack Flash's alternative series of 24 continues and we're now up to week 21!! There's another 20 episodes to check back on if you like what you hear - proper underground stuff!

-------------STUDIO UPDATE---------------

Our new recordings are sounding real heavy at the moment!!! We've got all the horns down and now it's the turn of our 3 amazingly talented vocalists - that's Jack Flash, Ruby Wood, and Thabo to those who don't know! We're taking our time with everything, making sure it's juuuuust right and Ruby has been absolutely on FIRE today laying down some sumptuous vocals that you will get to hear in due course. WE ARE SO STOKED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!

-----------LIVE SHOWS--------------------

Ok, our calender is starting to beef up a bit as we move towards summer, there are still some that are TBC that we'll let you know about as soon as - that's not to say we don't want MORE gigs. We're hungry for this and if we can fit more shows in WE WILL! Here's our summer as it stands:

May 15th – Limetree Warm up, Oldham
May 16th – Ruby Lounge, Manchester

June 19th – Luddfest
June 20th – Leamington Peace Festival
July 1st – Mass Brixton, London
July 3rd - Bradstock
August 13th – Moor Music Festival
August 28th – Limetree Festival
August 29th – Greenbelt Festival
October 30th – Marsden Mechanics


Check for updates and MUSIC :)


That's it for now,

Please keep in touch if you like what we're doing - we love hearing from you all!

hit us up at:

One Love,


P.S Thanks to Ben Sage and Trafficmag for the photo at the start of this entry

Friday, 7 May 2010

Interview and gig review from Trafficmag

Hey guys,

Trafficmag did an interview and gig review of our show at the Elbow Rooms. They said some really nice things about us and we feel that the interview really shows what we're about at the minute.

Read the whole thing here:

Anyone within Yorkshire who has their ears to the ground and a taste for good music of any genre will probably have at least heard of Extra Curricular in recent months.  The Huddersfield-based band features nine talented musicians crossing several genres including hip-hop and soul.  Fronted by well-respected MC Jack Flash and singers Ruby Wood and Thabo, they have been building a solid reputation for tear-out shows in the local area which unite fans from all backgrounds in their appreciation.

Their recent live show at the Elbow Room, Leeds proved a great opportunity to sit the band down and ask them a few questions before the night’s entertainment commenced.  The interview was with the three vocalists but also present were bassist Jack Button, drummer Noah Burton, guitarist Martin Chung, sax player John Waugh, Greg Nicholas on the horns and DJ Illas.

Tell us a little bit about how you first came together as a band.
Jack Flash:    We’re maybe two-and-a-half years old now as a group.  We all have solo things going on, whether they’re projects, touring or whatever.  We came together as a jam band, then it progressed and grew.

It kind of nicely evolved without pressure and now we’re a full touring band. - hence the name Extra Curricular.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

UK Hip Hop, Holmfirth Festival, Week 20 of 24, Studio Update

Yes y'all

We hope everybody had a good bank holiday weekend, we had loads of fun playing at Puzzle Hall Festival. It was our first festival of the season and we were very very happy that the rain stayed least until after we played! You can see a few pics HERE

-------------WEEK 20 of 24---------------------

Next up,

Jack Flash has reached week 20 of his boundary pushing 24 series. This week his 24 bar verse is over Michael Jackson - You Rock My World. Well worth checking out!!!

-------------UK HIP HOP------------------------

Bit of an interesting article on the Independent's website - talking about the growing popularity of UK Hip Hop and how it's pushing into the mainstream. Lots of info on Professor Green, Dizzee Rascal and Plan B alongside some of the long-time players in the scene like Rodney P and Blak Twang. Really good read for those who are interested.

Read it HERE

Let's hope the scene continues to grow and proper!


Bit of a quick studio update:

John and Greg (Sax and Trumpet) are laying down some horn parts this week. The tracks are really starting to come together and, by the end of play tonight (which was 9pm!) - things were really starting to cook nicely! Words cannot describe how excited we are about these recordings! WHOOP

---------HOLMFIRTH FOLK FESTIVAL-----------

Yes we now we are not a FOLK band hehe, but we've been asked to play at this year's festival. It's all a bit last minute and our venue has been changed so read carefully!:

We are now playing May 8th at The Box Office (really near to the Holmefirth Picturedrome) in Holmfirth - get down to see us at about 10pm.


Phew, that's it for now. Please keep checking our Myspace for up to date gig listings - we're adding new ones all the time so, see if we're playing near you and come say hi!