Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Throwout Volume 4 (FREE MIX), Week 21 of 24, Studio Update, LIVE show update

Hey guys,

Couple of little gems to start you off - first up, our man on the ones and two's DJ Illas and his comrade DJ Heritage have pulled something special out of the bag for The Throwout Volume 4. This is a FREE mix featuring 24 amazing new and classic tracks that you can get from here:

<a href="http://thethrowout.bandcamp.com/album/dj-illas-dj-heritage-the-throwout-volume-4">EL DA SENSEI ft GHETTOSOCKS - Ain't Trippin (prod The Returners) by The Throwout (DJ Illas &amp; DJ Heritage)</a>

P.S - check the shout-out at the start HAHAHA

---------------WEEK 21 OF 24--------------

Jack Flash's alternative series of 24 continues and we're now up to week 21!! There's another 20 episodes to check back on if you like what you hear - proper underground stuff!

-------------STUDIO UPDATE---------------

Our new recordings are sounding real heavy at the moment!!! We've got all the horns down and now it's the turn of our 3 amazingly talented vocalists - that's Jack Flash, Ruby Wood, and Thabo to those who don't know! We're taking our time with everything, making sure it's juuuuust right and Ruby has been absolutely on FIRE today laying down some sumptuous vocals that you will get to hear in due course. WE ARE SO STOKED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!

-----------LIVE SHOWS--------------------

Ok, our calender is starting to beef up a bit as we move towards summer, there are still some that are TBC that we'll let you know about as soon as - that's not to say we don't want MORE gigs. We're hungry for this and if we can fit more shows in WE WILL! Here's our summer as it stands:

May 15th – Limetree Warm up, Oldham
May 16th – Ruby Lounge, Manchester

June 19th – Luddfest
June 20th – Leamington Peace Festival
July 1st – Mass Brixton, London
July 3rd - Bradstock
August 13th – Moor Music Festival
August 28th – Limetree Festival
August 29th – Greenbelt Festival
October 30th – Marsden Mechanics


Check http://www.myspace.com/extracurricularband for updates and MUSIC :)


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Please keep in touch if you like what we're doing - we love hearing from you all!

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P.S Thanks to Ben Sage and Trafficmag for the photo at the start of this entry

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