Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ibiza Rocks, Fearne Cotton, Jaguar Skills, Summer roundup

Photo courtesy of Ricky Allen (rca-photography@hotmail.co.uk)

Yes y'all...

It's been an amazing summer for us this year (despite the rubbish weather) as we released our first official singles, video, compilation features, magazine features, and Radio 1 plays.... 

------IBIZA ROCKS------

We were lucky enough to have our track 'LAST DAY' featured on the latest Ibiza Rocks compilation... disc 2 track 14 :)

If you've not heard the single yet, listen to clips below... 


------JAGUAR SKILLS------

The DJ with ninja-like skills also saw fit to include the track on the 'Jaguar Skills and His Amazing Friends' album that dropped on Ministry Of Sound in August...

------FEARNE COTTON------

Fearne Cotton played 'Duke Dumont feat. Extra Curricular - No Money Blues' on her daytime Radio 1 show.... listen again here (41 mins in)

Alternatively, listen to it on the Turbo Recordings Soundcloud page....

We were really pleased Duke Dumont asked us to be involved in the EP and look forward to doing more work together in the future. Support the Duke and buy from iTunes HERE


Finally, we want to say a big massive thankyou to everyone who made this summer special for us... the promoters, audiences, labels, magazines, and radio shows that have helped us really 'launch' the band this year... we did this little mix for y'all.... yours for free obviously ;)

One Love,


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