Monday, 11 July 2011

Hangin', Secret Garden Party, Upcoming Shows

(Picture and videos courtesy of Paul Cockcroft)
Yes y'all,

So, we've had a fun few weeks as the sun has finally started to show it's face a little more and we've moved the music from the club to the field :)

In the music industry, there is always alot of hanging around.... hanging around for a soundcheck, hanging around before you go on stage, hanging around after the show, hanging around in the studio etc. Infact, most musicians/performers will tell you that they 'perform for free', but get paid for the 'travelling and hanging around' - it's much more tedious than you think. We've started documenting some of this 'hanging around' - one because we get bored, and two because there's always plenty of banter ;)


Yes, we are playing Secret Garden Part 2011, but first, let me tell you about a little 'secret' garden party we had yesterday....

For about 3 years Noah and Ruby have talked about having a gig in their garden....and yesterday they finally did it! It was an amazing gathering of creative-types from the area with music from The Space KuggiesBall-Zee, Ruby & Noah, Thabo and The Real Deal, and of course, Extra Curricular. It was also a way of pulling all these groups together and launching a collective called Under Wraps Music - more on this to come soon! Here's a pic of the intimate affair....

As I mentioned before, the lovely folks at Chai Wallahs have asked us to join their amazing roster for Secret Garden Party 2011 - we're playing the Chai Wallahs stage on Sunday 24th July at 6pm! 

They have also asked us to play Green Man Festival with them in August, so we're really pleased to be able to announce these two shows to you now! Make sure to check out their Facebook group and tell them how dope they are for inviting Extra Curricular to join them this year! Do it HERE

-------UPCOMING SHOWS--------

Just before I give you a complete run-down of our upcoming shows, check out Thabo's advice for the week - this guy knows the score, and his message is something we at EC live by....

Elfm , Project
15th July 2011, 20PM
Bomfest 2011, Barnsley
16th July 2011, 18PM
Secret Garden Party (Chai Wallahs), Cambridge
24th July 2011, 17:30PM
Corbridge Music Festival, Newcastle
6th August 2011, 18PM
Green Man Festival (Chai Wallahs), Brecon Beacons
20th August 2011, 16PM
Greenbelt Festival (mainstage), Cheltenham Racecourse
27th August 2011, 17PM
Limetree Festival (mainstage), Grewelthorpe
28th August 2011, 18PM
The Cockpit, Leeds
3rd September 2011, 21PM
Bar 1:22 - Single Launch, Huddersfield
23rd September 2011, 21PM
Pigeon Hole This! Launch Party, London
24th September 2011, 21PM
Hifi Club - Single Launch, Leeds
25th September 2011, 22PM
Afterparty Warehouse W/ Example and Zane Lowe, Huddersfield
29th October 2011, 1AM
Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds
17th November 2011, 21PM

One Love,


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