Monday, 13 June 2011

Some Music, Some Charity, Some Bulls*@t

(Photo from EC @ The Bodega, courtesy of Lindsey Billenger)
Yes y'all,

Got a ton of wicked stuff for you today so going to keep the chatter to a minimum. Straight in at the top then....

-------JACK FLASH STARS-------

On the way back from a recent show we had 'In Ghost Colours' playing by Cut Copy. Flash got inspired and within 24 hours had come back with this deep verse over a sample from the album. Life affirming stuff....

If you're feeling this, go tell him @JackFlashUK

---------RUBY UNTOLD-----------

Next up, Ruby wanted me to tell you about this great project she has been involved in. It's an album by women for the benefit of other women. It features 23 tracks by female performers and all the proceeds go to Amnesty International's campaign 'Stop Violence Against Women'. In preparation for the full album dropping you can preview and download a fantastic remix are also allowed to listen to it if you are male, so don't be shy now...

Full ALBUM from HERE

-------THABO'S TOILET -------

Not to be outdone, Thabo recorded this great piece of advice whilst on the set of our latest video shoot. This stuff should be taught to everyone...

Thabo's Toilet Etiqette. from Paul cockcroft on Vimeo.


So there you have it, some music, some charity, and some bulls*@t, that's how we like to roll.....;)

Before we finish, big up to everyone who came to rock with us at Sunrise Festival, The Bodega (Sounddhism), and Mr Bens last week. It was a pleasure to work with such wicked crowds and staff - thanks!

Here are our currently confirmed upcoming shows....

Together Festival , Dewsbury
2nd July 2011, 16PM
Elfm , Project
15th July 2011, 20PM
Bomfest 2011, Barnsley
16th July 2011, 18PM
Corbridge Music Festival, Newcastle
6th August 2011, 18PM
Greenbelt Festival (mainstage), Cheltenham Racecourse
27th August 2011, 17PM
Limetree Festival, Grewelthorpe
28th August 2011, 18PM
Bar 1:22 - Single Launch, Huddersfield
23rd September 2011, 21PM
Pigeon Hole This! Launch Party, London
24th September 2011, 21PM
Hifi Club - Single Launch, Leeds
25th September 2011, 22PM
Afterparty Warehouse W/ Skream & Benga, Huddersfield
29th October 2011, 1AM

One Love,


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