Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Throwout Volume 5 (FREE Mix), Show Announcement, EC Recommends

Hey guys,

Gonna get straight down to business with this post. Our very own DJ Illas and his fellow wax spinner/fondler DJ Heritage have finished number five in their ever-popular 'The Throwout' series. So, here it is 'The Thowout Volume 5' - and it's FREE!

<a href="http://thethrowout.bandcamp.com/album/dj-illas-dj-heritage-the-throwout-volume-5">DEJI - Likeness (prod 9th Wonder) by The Throwout (DJ Illas &amp; DJ Heritage)</a>

It features brand new tracks from Method Man, Raekwon, Reflection Eternal, Curren$y, Big Sean, El Da Sensei, Logic, Jehst, IronBraydz, Poison Pen, The Roots, Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas plus many more! If you know your hip hop you're gonna love it and, if you don't, you can get to know!!


Ok, in the last post I gave you the updated gig list. As Jack Flash is still on official business (as an EOW representative) in Germany, we are going to be doing a slightly different show at Manchester Jazz Festival. This was always the plan as we're on at 11.45am in St. Anne's Square, 26.07.10 (more details HERE).

So, for MJF we are going to be doing a more chilled out set, with more room for us to kick back, change the pace of songs (seeing as it's a 'jazz' festival!), and add a few new sections. It should be a lot of fun but please don't come expecting to see our usual 'high-energy' set - this is going be different, but we've been working hard at it and feel it's going to be the most suitable thing to do at 11.45am on a MONDAY morning!!

P.S the rest of our live show dates can be found on our Myspace :)

------EC RECOMMENDS-----

Every so often an album comes along that the whole band agree is, to put it simply, AMAZING! Well, we feel that 'Janelle Monae - The Archandroid' is definitely one of those albums. We're sure you're going to hear alot more from this artist as she reaches towards global mega-stardom but, whilst we wait for the sun to come back out, get your ears round this :)


And finally,

I hope to be able to bring you more news on our own recordings soon, we're currently in the process of getting them mastered - I'll report back when we have things confirmed!

As always, for the most up-to-date LIVE show listings please see our Myspace or Official Website

Big Love,


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