Wednesday, 14 July 2010

LIVE Videos, Upcoming Shows, Special Pressies!

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago we played at the 'End Of the Weak UK Finals', providing the entertainment following a freestyle competition ('8 Mile' styleeee!). Well, we've got some awesome footage back which I've just got to share with you - if you're a fan of real UK Hip Hop, scrap that, if you're a fan of REAL MUSIC you're gonna love this.

The first video is of Jehst and Micall Parknsun performing their tracks 'Bluebird', 'Under The Weather', 'Thinking Crazy', and 'All for Hip Hop' with us at Mass, Brixton - it was an absolute pleasure to share the stage with these two legends of the scene and we were really pleased with the results!

The next video is of Stig of The Dump (who later went on to win the competition - I guess this shows why!) and Mystro rocking some serious freestyle verses over our take on 'The Next Episode' by Dre and Snoop Dogg. This whole track was done completely off the cuff and we had a lot of fun rocking with these guys!

"Yo we don't need no drugs, party people where we at?! E O DUB!!!"

Again, massive thanks to everyone involved in organising EOW, we were honoured to be invited to play. Flash is flying out to Berlin tomorrow to judge the WORLD FINALS so, hopefully, he'll bring back some pics and videos from that!

--------UPCOMING SHOWS---------

So, I promised an updated gig list in the last post and here it is:

Manchester Jazz Festival, Manchester
26th July 2010, 11:45AM
Mannifest, Isle Of Man
7th August 2010, 14PM
Moor Music Festival, Skipton
13th August 2010, 15PM
Sheep Music, Presteigne, Powys
13th August 2010, 21PM
Crash Festival, Abermule Wales
14th August 2010, 20PM
Limetree Festival, Grewelthorpe
28th August 2010, 15PM
Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham
29th August 2010, 21PM
Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
17th September 2010, 20PM
The Elbow Rooms, Leeds
25th September 2010, 21PM
Doncaster Civic Hall, Doncaster
29th September 2010, 20PM
Cafe Ollo, Media Centre (acoustic), Huddersfield
20th October 2010, 20PM
Marsden Mechanics, Marsden
30th October 2010, 20PM
Mr Wolfs, Bristol
12th November 2010, 21PM
The Wardrobe, Leeds
20th November 2010, 22PM
Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
10th December 2010, 21PM

As usual has the most up-to-date listings as these can change from time to time!

-------SPECIAL PRESSIES---------

Finally, if you haven't grabbed the FREE music on our website go HERE and get involved! There are two free tracks as well as our BBC Introducing session with Alan Raw - here's what he said about our special acoustic performance:

"That was a very wonderful thing - That was Extra Curricular live in session... I'm absolutely dumbstruck, I loved it! The way they use the vocals together is an art."
Alan Raw (BBC Raw Talent)

We loved playing for BBC Raw Talent and gave them an exclusive play of our new track of ours :)

One Love,


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