Thursday, 10 May 2012

YES! Extra Curricular with Professor Green, Reverend and The Makers, DJ Yoda, and Doorly.

Yes y'all,

So we've just about come to after one very fun bank holiday weekend! We played alongside Professor Green, Reverend and The Makers, DJ Yoda, and Doorly at the last ever Afterparty Warehouse Experience at Bates Mill. As you can imagine it was a little bit NUTS!

Pictures speak louder than words and all that, so here are a few of our favourites:

Extra Curricular

Professor Green

Reverend and The Makers

DJ Yoda


Big thanks to the Afterparty guys, particularly Doorly and Bongo Dave, for putting together such a unique night!

--------------Music Video--------------

We knew the show would be big, so we also enlisted the help of music video producer AshTV to come down and capture some live footage as part of a music video for, the yet unreleased track, 'Last Day'. See if you can spot him on this picture ;)

We're in Sheffield this weekend (Saturday 12th May) headlining Dada Club on Trippets Lane. If you're from there, live there, or a near there make sure you come through!

Next time I'll be posting our tour dates for summer and our release dates.... hang tight!

One Love,


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