Friday, 1 October 2010

Music Heroes, LIVE Rain video, We're Endorsed

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Still reeling from the awesomeness that was 'Melt' at the Doncaster Civic Theatre! Legendary trombone player Dennis Rollins had put together a spectacular bill featuring his own Velocity Trio, Pee Wee Ellis, Clare Teal, and Extra Curricular. It was a wonderful night with the venue being packed to the rafters and some crazy good music going down. For us as Extra Curricular we not only had the honour of sharing the stage with these musical legends, but had some of our genuine musical heroes come up to us and tell us how much they enjoyed the show, loved the band, and offer words of advice and encouragement for the future! WOW!

-------LIVE RAIN VIDEO---------

This has been the number one request from people asking to see live footage of the band and, until now, has been one of the few tracks we haven't had on Youtube. The reason for this is because we've never had footage the we've felt will do the track justice. However, I am pleased to present to you 'Rain' LIVE:

From the same show here is also some cracking footage of 'Running Away' - enjoy!

------WE'RE ENDORSED------

Following our spectacular run of summer festival shows we're very pleased to announce that the lovely folks at Audio Technica have decided to endorse us. They will now be providing us with some of the equipment we need for live shows allowing us to take the Extra Curricular LIVE experience to the next level. We're grateful for their help at the critical stage in the band's development.

--------LIVE SHOWS-------

On the topic of live shows here's a list of our upcoming gigs.

Cafe Ollo, Media Centre (acoustic), Huddersfield
20th October 2010, 20PM
Marsden Mechanics, Marsden
30th October 2010, 20PM
Mr Wolfs, Bristol
12th November 2010, 21PM
The Wardrobe, Leeds
20th November 2010, 22PM
The Hifi Club, Leeds
8th December 2010, 20PM
Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
10th December 2010, 21PM
The Elbow Rooms W/ Craig Charles, Leeds
29th January 2011, 21PM

To keep up to date with us check

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