Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Extra Curricular Win BOTB, Muddy Fields, Bumpstarts, Carry On Camping

Hey guys,

We've returned as a very happy band from our muddy festival trip across the country! 

We started off last Friday at Moor Music Festival in Skipton. The weather was rubbish, but there was a good crowd there and the Homespun tent we played in was rammed by the time we started. Big ups to 91DB who played before us, some really cool live liquid DnB stuff going down :)

We came straight off stage, into the cars (like real rockstars except we have to drive ourselves!), and then headed down the country to Presteigne in Wales where we were headlining the Dome Days Festival (formerly Sheep Music). The stage looked beautiful all lit up with fairy lights and we had an absolute blast playing. We felt so well looked-after, particularly when we got dragged down to the infamous 'Dukes' pub afterwards. After a drunken stagger about 2miles up the road to our campsite we finally crawled proudly into our sleeping bags, 2 shows and 300 miles done in the day.

The next morning started slow and we went for a lovely breakfast in 'Emily's' tea-room in the picturesque centre of Presteigne. A few gallons of tea and a around 30 rashers of bacon (there are nine of us you know!) later and we were ready to hit the road to Abermule for Crash Festival.

Crash Festival was a Battle The Bands event and it gives me great pleasure to say that we won the top prize of £1000. A big thankyou to Dianne in catering who looked after us all by making sandwiches, tea, and apple pie(!) for us :)

Of course, no trip would be complete without a few car issues - we had to bump-start Greg's Clio in a muddy field full of cars (you know how cars are parked in festival carparks) - and, what's more, his car decided it would only do it backwards! We got it going though, but later in the evening (morning??) Rory's Peugeot broke down - luckily only two minutes away from his house!

What a weekend! We had loads of fun and would like to thank the organisers of Moor Fest, the organisers of Dome Days, and the organisers of Crash Festival for putting us on. What's more we'd like to thank all the awesome people of Skipton, Presteigne, and Abermule for showing us so much love - you guys make this the best job in the world!


If you want to see us playing in a field we've still got a few festival dates left before music goes back indoors again at the end of summer - make the most of it!

Limetree Festival, Grewelthorpe
28th August 2010, 15PM
Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham
29th August 2010, 21PM
Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
17th September 2010, 20PM
The Elbow Rooms, Leeds
25th September 2010, 21PM
Doncaster Civic Hall, Doncaster
29th September 2010, 20PM
Cafe Ollo, Media Centre (acoustic), Huddersfield
20th October 2010, 20PM
Marsden Mechanics, Marsden
30th October 2010, 20PM
Mr Wolfs, Bristol
12th November 2010, 21PM
The Wardrobe, Leeds
20th November 2010, 22PM
The Hifi Club, Leeds
8th December 2010, 20PM
Bar 1:22, Huddersfield
10th December 2010, 21PM 

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Stay Cool,


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