Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sound of Colours, Awesome Crowds, Guru, Summer Festivals


Been a fair bit happened since the last update - the biggest being that big cloud of dust causing havoc for anyone needing to be 30,000 feet or so up. However, we've got something bigger than that because this week Jack Flash released his 'Sound Of Colours' EP - and what's more it's FREE. You get 9 tracks for absolutely nothing and 5 more, if you so desire (which you should, cos it's dope!) for a little bit of coin - nice!

Get it here yo!

<a href="">The Sound Of Colours by Jack Flash</a>

--------------------LEEDS AND IPSWICH----------------------

Woweee! Holla at yourselves!

Last weeks gigs were absolutely mental Leeds and Ipswich were off the scale - we loved every minute! Thanks to everyone who came down and showed love, we appreciate it so much and it gives us the biggest BUZZ to see you guys having fun :)

Big props to Millionaire's By Morning and The Mouse Outfit for supporting at the gigs. For anyone wanting to know more about these bands click on their names for their Myspace. We loved hearing these guys play and look forward to working with them again in the future - LIVE Hip Hop is coming up strong!


We were really saddened to hear the news that GURU, of Gangstarr and Jazzmatazz fame passed away. He was a big influence for us so we'll take this time to remember the awesome music he put out.


We're getting just as excited as you are for the summer and, for the band, summer means one thing - FESTIVALS. We're slowly putting together a list of amazing festivals we're going to be at this year and we hope you'll be able to come enjoy some with us. HOWEVER, we want MORE!!! If you're a festival promoter and you'd like EC to come play your festival hit us up at

Check out which festivals and other gigs we are playing at


And that's just about it! Chungy's in the studio next week laying the guitars down on our new recordings - the man is a genius and it's gonna sound massive!

Love to you all,


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