Thursday, 18 March 2010

2 FREE mixes, Week 12 of 24, Extra Curricular ALBUM news!!

Yes y'all,

Ok, lots of new stuff to tell. First of all here's The Throwout 3 from DJ Illas and DJ Heritage - these just keep getting better and better!

<a href="">WU MASSACRE - Our Dreams (prod RZA) by The Throwout (DJ Illas &amp; DJ Heritage)</a>

Jack Flash has got to week 12 of his amazing series of 24! You can't get this on Sky yo!

Next up, Mr Robinson has sent us this sweet little mix that's straight from the dancefloor!

Mr Robinson march 2010 mix by Mr. Robinson (LeeroyNoji)

Ok, and finally........

We are about to start recording Extra Curricular's DEBUT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!! No release date as of yet, we're gonna take our time with this and make sure we get it just right! Rest assured we will keep you guys fully in the loop of everything that is going on :)

Wow, that's alot to take in :)

'Nuff Love


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